Centrally located, OGIEŃ (the Polish word for ‘fire’) is the heart of SKANSEN Conference & Spa Hotel. With its facade, roof, interior walls, and ceilings made of dark slate, the building creates a very coherent and architecturally impressive impression. OGIEŃ garners attention due to its two facade walls made entirely of glass, which open up to the natural surroundings of the complex, as well as to the arriving guests. It invites guests into the building and symbolises the hosts’ hospitality.

The building has two large fireplaces which dominate the space and have strong meaning behind them. They symbolise home ovens that once used to heat the country cottage on cold days. Home ovens facilitated preparation of warm meals and were a gathering place for all family members.

On the ground floor of the building you will find the main hall with hotel reception as well as the exclusive à la carte “Three Forces of Nature” Restaurant, serving traditional Polish cuisine with a modern twist. On the first floor there is a multifunctional conference room, which can hold conferences, training sessions and other types of smaller-sized special events. Level -1 offers a recreation area that includes FOLKBAR with a bowling alley and billiard table. The place is decorated in colours and patterns that refer to traditional folk culture.

OGIEŃ has direct indoor access to both the conference and entertainment part located in the SACRUM building as well as to the hotel, swimming pool, and recreation part situated in WODA.

The kitchen of our exclusive à la carte “Three Forces of Nature” Restaurant and Regional Restaurant is focused on the highest quality food products available in the region of Mazovia. The dishes, which are prepared with fresh, seasonal and natural ingredients, are ready to take you on a delectable and unforgettable culinary journey, which can satisfy even the most demanding gourmets.

Our ambitious head chef is in charge of the quality and taste of these excellent dishes which represent both traditional and regional Polish, as well as Italian cuisine. The food is served with a modern twist in terms of presentation.


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